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"Teresa made this gorgeous black gown  for me to walk the red carpet as the host for the 25th Anniversary gala night for ThisDay Media Group Africa.  It was perfect because it was the most prestigious event of the year in Nigeria, so I needed something truly special.  The gown was understated but grand and also super light to wear.  It fitted precisely to my shape and had just the right blend of classy and sexy.  I loved it and loved wearing it."



"On the occasion of my sister's wedding, Teresa designed for me a dress that reflects my taste and my personality. Colours, shape and fabrics made the dress unique and yet simple, with a glamourous touch on the back given by the see-through guipure. It is a refined and elegant dress with an impeccable taste."

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"Like every bride, for my wedding day I wanted a special dress which reflected my personality. I visited a few ateliers but I couldn't find a dress that I felt like mine. I realized that to make my dream come true I needed to have a bespoke dress. Then the choice was very simple, Teresa Scognamiglio is a guarantee and her creativity and expertise have been the winning weapon for me. After the first consultation, during which I communicated to her my idea, she sent me four different designs, all very beautiful, and we chose the one I liked the most. Teresa made a toile of my dress which I tried on to make sure I liked the shape and the fitting. It was love at first sight. Together we chose excellent quality silk. Fitting after fitting seeing the dress taking shape on me was truly incredible. I was surprised by the final result, beyond my expectations. Teresa beautifully interpreted all of my needs and made the dress of my dreams come true. I recommend Teresa for her creativity, her technical skills and also for her kindness, she always put the costumer first."



Teresa is an incredible talented designer and seamstress. She has such an eye for how clothes fit and fall and the quality of the finished garments is incredible. Teresa has been designing and making my work and night time clothes for me for years, now and I never buy anything off the shelf anymore.

I couldn’t recommend her any more highly than I do.



For my sister's wedding I asked Teresa to design and make my dress. She was able to bring out my silhouette, enhancing me and making me feel comfortable yet sexy at the same time. The choice of fabrics was entirely guided by her great professionalism, and the design of the dress reflected my tastes.



"This is my princess dress and is my favourite!"



"Teresa was able to fully understand the dress I desired, both in the design and the choice of fabrics. Furthermore, with delicacy and professionalism, she managed to hide my body imperfections, highlighting my strengths. The dress, in its simplicity, is of a great style and embellished with elegant details. The dress was much appreciated by my friends."



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